The Week Junior

The Week Junior

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Since launching in March 2020, The Week Junior has opened up the world for hundreds of thousands of children across the US. Published by the parent company behind The Week and, it’s the only weekly magazine in America that reports the news directly to children ages 8 to 14, giving them the facts so they can form their own point of view. 

Each 32-page issue is packed with everything curious kids want to know, from current events in the US and around the world to animals, science, sports, arts and entertainment, book and movie reviews, and more. Every story is written in a clear, age-appropriate, and balanced way, and the tone engages kids rather than talking down to them. 

The Week Junior staff has decades of experience creating content for children. They are experts on this bright, curious, and self-aware generation of kids, and each week they meet the challenge of creating content that will inform and inspire them. Leading media organizations have recognized this and honored The Week Junior with numerous awards. 

Another important part of The Week Junior’s mission is to inspire kids to make a difference in the world. The team achieves this through “How To” content in the magazine as well as through special programs like Junior Council. The editors understand that this generation is a powerful force for good, with a tremendous sense of urgency. They want to turn their ideas into action today—another reason they love the ideas in The Week Junior

Whether the magazine is going into a home or a classroom, kids respond with excitement and delight. They run to the mailbox to get it, and they inundate the editorial team with letters saying how much they love it. 

Among children, The Week Junior fosters an understanding of the world, a lifelong love of learning and reading, and the confidence that comes from knowing they are respected, believed in, and understood. Find out more about the magazine that is beloved by children and trusted by parents and teachers. 

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